Cloud Gaming

Currently, if you want to get into hardcore gaming you have to purchase a console dedicated for gaming or buy a high-end computer for over a thousand dollars! These high initial costs keep curious people out of the gaming scene. Over in Asian countries such as Korea, internet cafes devoted to gaming are very popular. Companies such as Pang have taken advantage of people’s desire to game but unwillingness to invest a large sum of money. Here in the United States, internet cafes have not taken off. They are only economically viable in highly concentrated cities where potential gamers are close by. But is there an alternative way to let people try out gaming without having to purchase an expensive device?

Another interesting gaming platform to consider is Steamlink. It lets you play PC games from another room of your house. When connected to a local network, the device acts as a middle man between a wireless controller and your computer. Your computer still runs the game, but Steamlinks lets you display it on a TV in any room of your house. Because of the low latency local network, there is very little input lag leading to an amazing gaming experience.

With the rise of cloud computing companies such as Amazon, OVH, and Google, analysts have said that cloud gaming may be viable soon. With a low latency connection to a cloud server, gamers could have their games run and render on the cloud server and send the image to their poor performing pc. Inputs to the game are sent and processed on the server.


One great thing about cloud gaming is the pricing. Instead of having to spend thousands on a gaming console or pc, you can instead rent time on a server and only pay for what you use. This really only benefits those that don’t game often as purchasing a pc may be cheaper in the long run. Yet, without any serious cloud gaming companies, we will have to wait and see how it turns out.


Anyway, I am extremely excited about the logistics of how this all will unfold. Follow this blog for more information. I will be sure to keep you posted on what is about any cloud gaming events.

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